April 6th, 2009


nice weekend

After crashing early on Friday night, I got up early on Saturday, edited my proposal chapters, and added 1200 new words. Then I accidentally went to New Jersey with feklar, came back, and bought a cabinet which turned out to be missing the instructions. So I read from a research book instead.

All hail email for obtaining instructions via customer service!

Sunday, rather than write, I did more research and packed up three boxes of books, to make shelf space for homeless and semi-homeless books. I did one box of short story collections with a couple of anthologies, a bit over a box of archaeology and classics texts, and filled up the rest of box three with various studies on popular culture, fanfic, fandom, etcetera.

I also went to the Sakura Festival in Fairmount Park with feklar, at which we did not get any food (lines were ridiculous), did not buy anything (most of the vendors were from Center City, so we could get their stuff at home), and did not see taiko drummers (they were an hour late going on). However, the people-watching was stellar, and we did get to see a local J-pop group do their soundcheck, which mostly involved looking at them from the back while they played little bits of songs. We were amused by their oh-so-cool-rockband outfits and hairdos, so that was fun. Their singer sounded like Gackt trying to be punk. The band wasn't actually scheduled to go on until later in the afternoon. After the soundcheck, they packed up and left. Then we got to see the (late, because of the soundcheck) cosplay pageant, which I think lasted about ten minutes, total, after the poor people had been standing around waiting to go on for at least an hour.

We left then. The weather was gorgeous, clear and sunny, but too hot when you sat in the direct sunlight for a long time. We went into West Philly and ate delicious spicy kebobs and lentils at Kabobeesh.

I'm off to NYC tomorrow to read in the NYRSF series, and will probably be internet-less until Thursday morning. Detailed info here.