January 30th, 2009


website idea

Remember back in the old days of personal websites, when people had links to other webpages that might have no similarity to theirs, but the other webpages belonged to their friends?

I want to do that. Or something like it, since not everyone has a personal website.

What if, on my website, I had a page of essays/opinion pieces written by other people? They could be about genre literature (writing or reading or meta), or interesting historical things, or researching, or the craft and/or business of writing, or a lot of other things that are not occurring to me right now. I know lots of nifty people, who know lots of nifty things. This means you, people reading this right now.

The essayists would get...a forum for their words, I guess, and a link to their website or a website or blog of their choosing.

Does this sound like it would be interesting? Or at least fun? (Fun is an important element.)

Suggestions? Anybody want to write something for my website?