January 8th, 2009


progress report

I've started tracking total wordcount on The Moonlight Mistress at the end of each revision session. (Tracking how many words I subtracted, and how many I added? There lies madness.)

So far, no matter how long I work, I seem to average about 500 words per session. Is that how many changes I can make before my brain gives out? Because rather than count, as I do when drafting, I'm just working until I run out of writing-brain functionality. (By which I mean, I can poke and poke at the sentences, and suddenly nothing is happening, it's like pushing paperclips back and forth across a desk.) (Which I just realized still doesn't explain what I mean. Oh, well.)

I am curious to see if this 500-words-per-session thing holds true on the weekend, as well. I am betting not. On the weekends, I start writing first thing in the morning, when I am perky and excited to get to work. When drafting, I get more wordcount, more easily, on the weekend. During the week, I write after a full day at the dayjob, so I'm already a bit tired. I wonder if I've just trained myself to 500 words? Because that used to be my minimum per weeknight before I could stop, at least until I sold The Duchess and had to bump up to 1000 per weeknight so I could make the deadline.


1980s Music Mix query

1. What are your top five favorite pop songs from the 1980s?

at the moment:
"The Metro," Berlin
"Time After Time," Cyndi Lauper
"The Teacher," Big Country
"Fascination," Human League
"Sweet Dreams," The Eurythmics

2. What song do you feel a 1980s mix absolutely must include?

"The Safety Dance," Men Without Hats

3. What group/singer do you feel a 1980s mix absolutely must include?


4. Which 1980s song are you most sick of hearing?

Right now, "Tainted Love."

5. Optional question: were you alive during the 1980s?