January 4th, 2009


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oyceter has comments on The Duchess. She likes Sylvie. *hearts Sylvie*

My copies of The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica arrived yesterday, with the reprint of "17 Short Films About Hades and Persephone." The American editions are now published by Running Press, here in Philadelphia. I think I've now received all my contributor copies for 2008--I shall have to find time to write some new short stories to send out!

My one hundred word flash fiction, "Unlimited Minutes," got a mention in a review: "Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex is an excellent anthology of short stories edited for Cleis Press by Alison Tyler. The book revels in hot, quick sex. Erotica is particularly suited to short forms because brevity can build a real sense of anticipation that would grow flaccid at greater length; witness Elspeth Potter's "Unlimited Minutes" at not quite half a page." The link.