January 3rd, 2009



Y.S. Wilce, Flora's Dare: ZOMG so good. Ummmm...most of what I loved was spoileriffic, and I really don't want to spoil, so, ummm...it's second in a series, and the world is really cool, it's an alternate California that is a client state of the Huitzals, nicknamed Birdies, who are alternate-world Aztecs. Also, Wilce has a really great prose style which I love.

Flora is the youngest child of a family of soldiers; her mother is a general, and her father was tortured by the Huitzils and is a wee bit shellshocked. Flora doesn't want to be regular army, she wants to be a Ranger, which is essentially a spy. Her idol is Nini Mo, the Coyote Queen, greatest ranger ever, and she religiously reads the yellowback novels depicting Nini Mo's adventures as well as Nini Mo's guidebook to ranger skills. Whenever she gets the chance, she practices her ranger skills, which get her into and out of scrapes. And it's much better than I can describe. Just read it.

I highly recommend this and the first book in the series, Flora Segunda.

Resolutions for 2009

I am not in a good frame of mind today to make resolutions, but I will try anyway.

1. Buy/get free fewer books that I am not sure I will like.

2. Read more of the books I already have.

3. Cull book collection, especially romances.

4. Sort tax-deductible receipts into categories throughout the year: travel; research books, which includes books in my genre; other expenses like website, office supplies, organizational dues.

5. Get more exercise. I got out of the habit of walking as much as I used to, and I need to get back into the habit. Winter shouldn't stop me. I have plenty of warm clothes.

6. Eat more vegetables. This is another habit I fell out of, and need to get back into. Mmmm, broccoli!

7. Save a little more money each month. I started this last year, but can still do better.

8. Travel more to visit people and see things, not just because I have to go to a con or do a reading. I am hoping to have a few extra days in Montreal before or after Worldcon.

9. Make a list of the books I read this year that are new to me; it's been a while since I've done that, and it's always interesting to look at later on.

10. Get rid of the old tv that I never use because it only works with the vcr.