January 2nd, 2009


touring free wireless

Today, I am touring the free wireless hotspots of my fair city, and tr ying to catch up on quite a lot of internet stuff. Arisia schedules are out, and I can look at mine once I find my password. Need to make a hotel reservation for that. I also filled out the Montreal Worldcon questionnaire, which I think I did already, but I did it again just in case. I have to start looking into hotels for that, and see if my potential roomie is definitely interested.

At the end of this month, it will be time to register for RWA National, so I also have to bother my potential roomie for that, to make sure we get a room in the main hotel--they hand out too many free books for anything else to be really convenient. It's in D.C. this year, much easier for me to get to than last year's.

And, hopefully this weekend, I need to tidily assemble all my tax stuff which I hope is deductible--this netbook for one, and various research books (romance, erotica, and historical research). My last payment on the current contract will be in 2009, and presumably the audio book payment.