December 1st, 2008


I saw it!

Sunday, I finally saw my book on a shelf in a store. coffeeandink and geekturnedvamp accompanied me to the Borders by Penn Station (in NYC), which had three copies, and even a space where one might have been bought! (Or, of course, where one of the books to either side might have been bought.)


I have a revision letter for the werewolf book! And I have until the beginning of March to work on it! Though I plan to be done before that. Hopefully in February.

Mostly, it's additional material I need to write, and additional information I need to impart, which is usual for me.

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rec me laptops

Rec me laptops!

I've been surfing around and looking for a while, and can't make myself commit. I do not need the most cutting edge; in fact, I'd rather not.


light over heavy
small over large
sturdy over wimpy
PC over Mac
some speed would be nice
touchpad, not trackball
MS Office over Vista (if that's possible w/o buying a used machine)
internal CD drive (DVD is lagniappe, but not necessary)
speakers can be crap (I use headphones)
internet speed is unecessary, since this is for writing

I understand one can't use Word/Open Office on the ultraportables like the Asus EEE--is that correct?