November 13th, 2008



Portia DaCosta, The Stranger: One of the most charming and hot books I've read in a long, long time. Claudia, the heroine, has been widowed for eight months and is starting to come to life again when she encounters a lovely, fey stranger bathing in the river; later he comes to her for help in a thunderstorm, and a deep connection arises between them.

The first half of the book has the lovely feel of a dreamy fantasy. Of necessity, as reality returns it becomes more conventional, in feel if not in subject. Claudia's return to living is revealed not only through a revived hunger for sex but also by new desires for people whom she never would have thought of before as partners. Though well-written, I didn't enjoy those scenes as much, as I was in it for the Stranger, Paul; I did like that he continued to be woven in and out of those scenes. I liked Claudia and Paul enough that I would love seeing them in another book.

The book was published by Black Lace.


It's past time I should have a contest to win a copy of my novel; I just had to think what form the contest should take.

I shall give away three copies. All LiveJournal users are eligible (I'll have other giveaways later, elsewhere).

Rules: Between now and Wednesday, November 19th, at 5 pm US Eastern Time, you must comment on this post. I will announce the winners on Monday, November 24th, the day before the official release date, and mail the books that week.

Your comment must be poetry or prose, word limit dictated by LJ's comment feature limits. The topic must be a reflection on, fanfictional extrapolation of, or commentary regarding the following excerpt from The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover. ETA: you can post art, or a link to same, if you want, if prose or poetry accompanies it. As I am the Duchess of This Contest, art might sway my decisions. Or not.

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