October 9th, 2008



Deanna Raybourn, Silent In The Grave: a mystery set in Victorian London. It's first person, from the pov of a woman (Julia Grey) whose husband dies at the beginning, and later she suspects it's murder. She learns how to be a detective as she goes, with the help of investigator Nicholas Brisbane. Brisbane's many talents and Interesting Secrets are revealed as the book progresses, and there is a nifty subplot involving a bird whom I suspect will feature in future books

Brisbane becomes more and more Swoonily Interesting as the book goes on, and I am hoping he does not become So Interesting that the narrator is excluded. Her naievety might have been exacerbated in this book by her inexperience as a detective, so might improve.

All in all, this had much more of a romance feel to it than the C.S. Harris Regency mysteries.

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Other than that, I liked the book. I got the second one, just to see.