September 23rd, 2008



C.S. Harris, What Angels Fear: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery: I loved this; it's a mystery set in Regency England, or rather on the brink of the Regency. The hero, Sebastian St. Cyr, is accused of murder and, using skills he gained as an intelligence officer on the Peninsula, decides the only way out is to find the real killer. It's very tautly structured and never lets you rest, because the information of one chapter might turn out to be a lie in the next. I also liked the intense romance element when St. Cyr is reunited with the courtesan who was his first love, and the hints of family secrets that I am sure will play out in future books of the series.

I haven't enjoyed a mystery this much since the last of Barbara Hambly's Benjamin January series. I've ordered the next two in this series already.

Harris also writes romance as Candace Proctor; I plan to read a couple of her romances, as well.

Special thanks to badgermirlacca for the rec!