September 2nd, 2008


progress report

Current wordcount: 83K.

Friday: 600 words
Saturday: 3000 words
Sunday: Cut 700, wrote 2000
Monday: 1000 words, then spent evening writing time brainstorming yet more titles.


Victoria Dahl, A Rake's Guide To Pleasure (Zebra Historical Romance): I don't think the title was accurate, but the book was certainly hot, hot, hot, especially because both characters were smart, and I love smart characters who can figure things out instead of stumbling along being idiots solely to make the plot more tangled. Emma is pretending to be a widow and Hart is pretending his interest in her is only sexual. They manage to transcend that, and the whole journey was emotionally gripping. I had writing to do when I read this a few weeks ago, and I kept reading anyway. So I recommend this one.

Victoria Dahl, To Tempt A Scotsman (Zebra Debut): I enjoyed aspects of this book, but will admit I'm not usually a fan of the super-young heroine, even in historicals. She was nineteen, completely old enough to marry and run a household in her own time, but I still cringed a bit every time I was reminded. Which leads me to think that, usually, I just ignore the youth of the heroine in historical romance. I just couldn't this time, because it's mentioned several times, and in fact made sense of some of her actions in the plot.

It wasn't just that, though, that made me like this book a lot less than Dahl's A Rake's Guide to Pleasure; I also had trouble taking a couple of plot elements seriously because I'd seen them so many times before, and I felt a bit manipulated. I think one of the reasons Dahl's second book was so much more to my taste was that those plotting problems had been overcome. So I am still very much looking forward to her third book.

title help! again.

Neither Other Skins nor Second Skin made the cut for title of my World War One werewolf book. Current direction is something like Untamed [eep! I'd rather have Sweet Savage Werewolves!] or By Moonlight.

Anybody have suggestions along those lines?

The book itself is erotic, of course, but the plot is more like a pulp novel of the 1930s in many aspects. I gather the publisher wants it to be enticing and also reference the werewolves, not necessarily directly. I had a lot of thoughts that involved mentions of war, and I have the feeling they want to avoid that.

Anybody who comes up with a title that ends up being used wins a Prize. Not sure what the Prize would be yet. Cover flat? Few pages of manuscript for free preview? Music mix to your specifications?

*bats eyes*