July 7th, 2008



I did not write a lick the whole long weekend. I read books. I caught up on Dr. Who and now understand why everyone was apeshit last week. I cleaned the bathroom and read some more books. I went out to dinner twice (the Orange Place with feklar and Divan with feklar and barbarienne) and had a muffin with L. & D. and the two Mademoiselles. Mademoiselle the Smaller has her 100-days party tonight; hope it doesn't get rained out.

I came back to the folks at Harlequin wanting information (Information. INFORMATION!) for the cover art of my second book for them, due out October 2009.

Claudia Gray, EVERNIGHT

Claudia Gray, Evernight: this was awesome fun. It's a YA, told from the first-person POV of a red-headed girl whose parents insist she attend high school at the creepy private boarding school Evernight Academy, which looks like a castle and has strange traditions such as all students eating meals in their rooms. They're reading Dracula in English class. Dead squirrels keep turning up all over campus. Arrogance among the wealthy students and dislike of outsiders seem the order of the day. And the one chivalrous boy who becomes the heroine's friend is worried that the other students are out to cause them harm.

All that sounds like every other scary YA novel, but there are a couple of really good twists that moved it up about ten notches in my mental list of vampire books I actually like. Read!