June 17th, 2008


[sizzle, spark]

My. Brain. Is. Empty. Sent out the first 42K or so to workshop yesterday; did not fill in that one scene that was missing, except with a note explaining what happened. Didn't even try to write last night. Thought a little about the novel, aimlessly. DHL came with my hardcopy of the revised manuscript for the duchess novel. I put together stuff for my reading tonight: laminated copy of cover flat, a bunch of business cards in a ziploc baggie, the [ancient] printout of "Camera" I'm going to read, and five test booklets of the duchess novel's first chapter--these have no art yet, except some decorative squiggles, and are on regular paper, but I am not bringing them for general handout, just in case the salon organizer wants one, and in case someone desperately wants one.