June 11th, 2008


digital camera! and progress report

I have a digital camera! I made my decision easier by looking at what I could get for credit card points. Now I need to get a memory card for it, and I'd also like a case to protect the screen. Tomorrow, I'll load the software on my laptop. Time to start practicing with it, so I can use it in San Francisco later this summer.

I wrote three pages of notes last night, getting myself back into the werewolf book. To truly judge where I am, I'm going to have to cut all those scenes that go nowhere or that I later contradicted--mostly those are from when I first started on the draft, and was flailing around. I was going to have to cut those scenes eventually, anyway.

I tried to think of what was missing from the novel as I'd outlined it, and discovered some interesting things I should do. The enforced break from the story helped, I think.

I also tried a character exercise, "what does each character fear," which got me to articulate some thoughts I'd had, but actually wasn't that difficult. I already had it worked out, I guess. What surprised me was how neatly I'd paired characters who had similar fears. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.