June 5th, 2008


progress report: revisions

Editing in the laundry room is good because:

1. It's quiet;

2. No one bothers you;

3. There's nothing else to do or look at, so you must work;

4. You end up with a basket of clean laundry.

I edited on a printout last night. Am debating moving a large section. I have to write one more replacement bit for a missing sex scene, to cover the character change that happened there and is obvious in the next scene with those two characters. The timeline is still somewhat confusing; it wasn't that great to begin with, and got worse when I hacked stuff out. Need to clean that up.

Sent in dedication and acknowledgements on Tuesday, which gave me the fluttery adrenaline again. Perhaps because it's a sign that this is really going to be a book?