May 29th, 2008


progress report: revisions

Net words last night, 179. Found a weird typo--a whole word was wrong. Poked a lot, read over the troublesome section, and at last, when at a screaming point, realized I can't write the new section while concentrating on fitting it into the old structure, which is like a wall full of holes. I have to write the new section on its own, without referring to the old section at all, and then fit it into the structure.

Almost emailed my editor, but didn't, at least not yet, because I realized my questions were really all for me and my writer-mind, how to do it rather than what did you want. I still might need to call her, but not quite yet.

Tonight, I will write in a notebook, somewhere other than home, and not open up the laptop again until this new chapter is drafted. I did this before, long ago, and it worked well.

Have also been agonizing over the weekend--a dear friend whom I haven't seen in years will be in town, and I want to see her, but I also need to write a lot of words, and I can't do that with distractions, even pleasant ones. Saturday is the big day of concentration on writing, but Friday night and Sunday afternoon are normally much less productive, so I figure I can see her on one of those two occasions, whichever is better for her. I feel much better, now. One never realizes how much social contact one has until one's turning people down right and left, which is somewhat dispiriting when one is in need of emotional support. Except I don't have time for emotional support, I have to write! [heh] And the corollary, erotica writers don't have time to have sex, they're too busy writing smut!