May 23rd, 2008


down and safe

I am down and safe at WisCon; have seen coffeeandink and her New Object of Obsession (I want an Asus EEE too!!!), and had dinner with natlyn and ceciliatan, and found out that sdn's teeth are doing okay, and bounced around Diane Silver and Suzy McKee Charnas (who wanted my cover flat but I was cruel and kept it), and truepenny spotted me before I spotted her, and at Room of One's Own said hi to Ted Chiang and Lettie Prell and Phoebe Wray and saw Sue Lange across the room but didn't say hi yet, and chatted with oursin and brisingamen and am about to see onecrowdedhour, and ellen_fremedon a little later...and probably a lot of other people after that. I have no programming today, so can wander about shouting people's names and tackling them (affectionately). I haven't seen jenwrites yet, or heresluck.

I shall have bacon soon. And coffee.