May 21st, 2008



Lori Devoti, Unbound: I liked this a lot and wish it was longer, because I wanted more time for the relationship to develop, always a difficult line to walk in series length romances. Devoti uses Nordic mythology as a basis for her worldbuilding; the hero is a Hellhound, enslaved to an evil witch; her heroine a woman in a world essentially like our contemporary one, who doesn't yet know that she is a witch, as well. There are lots of little details about the Hellhounds that I liked a lot because they made them seem more real, particularly their trouble seeing colors; I'm interested in learning more about them. I'm particularly wondering if there are female hellhounds; there was one mention of what might have been one, but I wasn't quite sure.

The heroine is a twin, and has always been the timider of the pair; her arc has to do with her learning her own strength.

I'm definitely reading the others in this series.

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am ready for vacation now, thanks

I had my re-audition for choir last night, which always makes me really, really nervous despite having been in this choir since 1995, and being friendly with my conductor. Afterwards, I went home and puttered instead of writing, mostly packing for WisCon. The books I chose were Elizabeth Hoyt's To Taste Temptation for the trip out and Lydia Joyce's The Veil of Night and Shana Abé's The Smoke Thief for the way back. If I need more than that, there will be no shortage of books in the dealers' room at the con.

I have my cover flat packed, and business cards, and something to read at the Sunday night Lethe party (readings from Haunted Hearths and Periphery), and a copy of my manuscript and of course my notebook for ideas that crop up on the revision while I'm gone. I updated the music on my MP3 player. It's all done.

I could just go now!

[sigh] But my flight isn't until tomorrow.