May 19th, 2008


progress report: revisions

1500 new words on Saturday, 1000 on Sunday while my brain started to collapse. Brain is empty now. Still haven't started the biggest section that needed edits/rewrite; my theory is that my backbrain is still working on it, which would mean a WisCon break would be a good thing, and when I come back I can just start writing, because it will be worked out.

Am not going to count on that, though. I have to prepare for my annual choir re-audition tonight, and the audition itself is tomorrow night, and of course I have to finish packing for WisCon. But I intend to poke at what I can on the revisions, too, just in case I can jostle something loose in my brain. Even though what I really want is a break.


I've figured out the main reason why I didn't love either the movie of THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE or PRINCE CASPIAN, which I saw yesterday.

What I miss in the movie versions is the author's voice. barbarienne pointed out to me that a lot of PRINCE CASPIAN is narrative rather than action. That narrative is what I read so many times, what imprinted on my brain, and what says "Narnia" to me. It's not the characters and events per se. It's seeing them through Lewis' eyes and voice. In my mind and heart, the author's voice is inextricable from the story. Without that, the movies fall flat.