April 23rd, 2008



Madeline Hunter, Lady of Sin: the widowed Charlotte and Nathaniel met at a masquerade and had sex; Charlotte knows his identity, but he doesn't know hers, and only gradually realizes it as circumstances drive them to a more intimate relationship. Their normal relationship is one of banter and intelligent argument, which leads to some wonderful exchanges as they get to know each other on more than a surface level--the fact that they were physically intimate pre-book is almost inconsequential to the progress of the romance, though of course their physical attraction to each other doesn't hurt.

I enjoyed the book a lot and promply glommed the rest of the related books. They're serving me well as semi-demanding reading while I'm deep in writing.

WisCon reading

Since two of the Periphery readers won't be able to make it to WisCon, I've given back our reading slot. There might be some readings at a party; more when I know more.

The slot was a little tight for me making my flight on Monday, anyway, so it's not so bad for me. I hope someone else can make use of the time.