April 3rd, 2008



Janet Mullany, The Rules of Gentility: I totally recommend this to anyone who is fond of Regency romances and also has a sense of humor about them. I was laughing every few paragraphs except for one scary section.

The book is described as Bridget Jones' Diary for the Regency, and that's reasonably accurate.

Philomena Wellesley-Clegg--no, not ofthose Wellesleys--is a connoisseur of bonnets and looking for a husband, but the ones on offer aren't thrilling her. Her family owns a coal mine, which is making their house subside. Inigo Linsley is the brother-in-law of her closest friend, and he is very scruffy and rakish, and they are instantly attracted. Even though this is satire, I still rooted for them the whole way.

Douglas, WOLF TALES; types of erotic novels

Kate Douglas' Wolf Tales was not for me. She did some neat things with the idea of werewolves as a separate species, but otherwise I found the story too easy for the characters. I felt this was a deliberate choice, based on other titles from the Aphrodisia line that I've read so far that are similar.

I am beginning to have a theory about different types of erotic novels which are meant to appeal to different tastes or moods of their readers. One type, of which this was one, privileges the sex scenes over other types of scenes, which may be given short shrift. To me, this type of book seems more easily broken apart into a series of scenes meant to be read one at a time, perhaps one each night. Forward motion is less important than dwelling in each scene as it happens. The reader can get to know the characters, and added familiarity with them adds to the enjoyment of each subsequent scene, but there's not plot-fueled rush to find out what happens.

The type more to my taste has a driving plot; it doesn't have to be a complex or elaborate plot, but I do prefer a problem the characters must solve, with the sex scenes advancing them towards that goal. In fact, I prefer that the sex be part of the problem and its solution.

I have to think more on this--it's still a vague shape in my mind.