March 25th, 2008


progress report

A thousand words last night, and oh, it was a slog. I had to cajole myself several times, in between fussing with numbers and trying to see if I could be done by the end of May, which usually turns out to be totally bogus even when I make my best guesses.

But I got my thousand words. Choir rehearsal starts up again this week, so I'm losing those free Wednesdays I had a for a few weeks.

digital cameras

I plan to buy a digital camera before I travel to San Francisco in July.

Currently, I'm leaning towards a Nikon, because my old, excellent SLR camera is a Nikon and it takes excellent pictures. I want one that is small enough to carry in a messenger bag easily, with good resolution. I don't require a huge number of bells and whistles. A large memory is nice, but not vital.

Any recommendations? Warnings?