February 29th, 2008



I am cranky. Despite both getting a birthday present and a gift certificate in the mail yesterday, I am still cranky. I wanted to take the day off, but there was of course something I had to do today at work. I wanted to get breakfast at Dunkin Donuts for a change, and today of all days it had a line out the door of high school students, a class trip or something.


I didn't like any of the books I'm in progress reading, so I pulled out Gilbert & Gubar (the new edition of The Madwoman in the Attic) and put that in my bag to carry around all day. It's like a brick. It has long sentences. Take that, world! I crush you with my Gilbert & Gubar!


Well. 2.4 was a bit thin. Apparently, it takes a whole episode to set up "cold hard men can get emotional about things that aren't relationships." Nice to see more of Rhys, and to finally resolve that issue.

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