February 26th, 2008


synopsis hell

Last night's thousand-plus words were all synopsis, using my scene list for a reference. There are some...gaps. Why this, and not that? "Because this way leads to the erotic scene" is not the best answer.

My next step is identifying the gaps; if I list them, maybe I will expire from despair and no longer have to worry about synopses. [ahem] If I list them, maybe it will help me to solve those problems.

My subconscious is clearly working on them. I couldn't sleep, then woke up in the wee hours, then had a nasty dream in which I was blocked at every turn, then woke up again...you get the picture.

Though, oddly, cell phones have entered my anxiety dreams. The first time it happened, a while back, failing to get the phone to work was part of the anxiety. This time, I was lost and used my cell to call someone and find out the restaurant's location. Maybe I was waking up a bit by then. It was weird, anyway.

It cheered me up to sign up for WisCon programming this morning. As usual, I tried to be conservative, but still signed up for more than I could actually really do, on the theory that one doesn't get assigned to everything one requests.