February 14th, 2008


a dress rehearsal in the life

Dress rehearsal last night for an unusual concert, one funded by the American Composers Forum, which means we don't have to go crazy trying to convince people to buy tickets. The purpose is recording more than having audience. Though of course, audience makes everything a lot nicer.

We were introduced to yet another of Philadelphia's grand old churches, this one at 51st and Spruce, the Church of the Holy Apostles and The Mediator. It's Gothic and slightly musty with age, and the sound is gorgeous. It was also cold. Before rehearsal began, many singers clustered around the floor vents, which were blasting out quite a lot of heat. However, those big stone churches never get really warm. All the heat shoots up into the high ceiling.

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I'm thinking of future website content. A lot of authors have excerpts from their books.

What's your experience been with this, either as an author or as a reader?

As a reader, do you prefer to see the opening segment of a book, or a segment somewhere from within?

Does it matter, so long as the extract intrigues you?

Do you hate previews of books? Love them?

I recall being extremely entertained by the Baen website postings from Lois McMaster Bujold's A Civil Campaign before the book was published. The teasers only fed my desire to have the rest of the book.