February 7th, 2008


progress report

Wrote a couple more pages last night, pretty formless ones, but at least I was using the character who hadn't yet spoken or appeared except in the thoughts of another. barbarienne had a suggestion for his character which was very good, but I am not using it; however, I decided it would work if he was "in the know" about werewolves, so he's an old friend of the British werewolf.

I don't know why the simple things are sometimes the hardest to figure out.

I'm getting a lot of useful ideas from Tommy by Richard Holmes. It's also providing some tiny bits of information, consolidated. I'd feared I would have to search all over for those bits. Yeah, I know, I wasn't going to "research it to death," but it's hard just to skip over things when there are real details I don't have to make up. It makes the world I'm writing feel real to me, even if the reader never notices.

Torchwood 2.1

I just realized that I never posted about the second season premiere of Torchwood. I have the next episodes, but have not yet watched them, due to writing.

So, that first one...it had some Fan Service, didn't it?

Not much else, but some serious Fan Service.

It's back! And sillier than ever!

Ianto had some great lines. I also liked Gwen's first private discussion with Jack after his return.

WWI connotative meanings

When you think of World War One, what are the connotative meanings you have for the phrase?

Do any of those connotations dominate?

If you follow this journal, has the research material and poetry I've posted affected your perceptions of World War One? Did you learn anything you didn't know before?