December 20th, 2007



Kinda-sorta done. I think I'm done with holiday shopping. I'm done with mailing things except for a mooched book I've asked to delay until January. I've tossed things onto and near my suitcase for my trip; need to put the last things in it tonight. Also, set my alarm this morning to a new and thrilling (not) time for tomorrow. I still need to pick jewelry to take.

All that other stuff I didn't get done? Not that important. [firm nod]

I'll have sporadic if any internet access for the next couple of weeks. Have fun without me!

the mad rush approaches

Off soon to have dinner with L. and Mademoiselle Toddler, before final journey preparations and, hopefully, getting some sleep. Then I have to unplug from the internets for a while, always a bit disorienting, but perhaps beneficial in some way, right?

In the new year I will do things like sign contracts and figure out my con schedule and the like.

Happy Holidays of whatever kind to all!