November 24th, 2007


lazing about

The original plan was to visit one friend on Friday and then go up to CT today, but my friend K., with whom I am staying, has a nasty cold. So we amused ourselves yesterday in what I consider our more traditional Thanksgiving manner: we laid around in armchairs, wearing our pajamas, and watched things on cable/DVR/tape. With occasional pauses for eating leftovers from Thanksiving dinner. And once so we could spend about fifteen minutes swordfighting with glowing lightsabers in a dark room.

I have now seen many episodes of a show called "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern," in which a chef travels the world asking people for the weirdest thing they eat, which he then eats. He likes a lot of things, and the worst he had to say about cow skin (the vital ingredient of cow skin soup, from Trinidad) was that it was very, very chewy, also his comment about several unusual organ meats. He ate stir-fried fruit bats with wings attached. He ate the removed, still-beating heart of a frog, then the rest of it as frog sashimi. He ate live bugs that were supposed to be good for you, that tasted a bit like menthol. (A lot of the weirdest stuff, of course, is supposed to be "good for you"--the frog's heart fell into that category). However, he could not eat raw, fresh durian. He put it in his mouth, then immediately spat it out. Apparently, it tasted to him like old fermented onions. I bet if it had been cooked in some way, he would have eaten it. Anyway, I was very entertained at how happy he was to get to try all this stuff. He was very jolly. He ate, many, many miscellaneous animal parts and Foods on Sticks. He even ate head cheese, which is one thing I would prefer never to eat. Here is the show's website.

We also watched two episodes of Moonlight, which was fun because we got to play "spot that vampire detective trope." Wears black? Check. Drives classic car? Check. Human female with romantic interest, whom he feels he can't have? Check. Desire to be human again? Check. Broodiness? Not as much as, say, Angel, but then I only saw a couple of eps. Weird art on walls of fabulous vampire apartment? Check. Also, it had Sophia Myles! Using a very good American accent! I only heard a couple of tiny vowel slips, buried in the midst of fervent speeches. Maybe one day I'll watch the rest of the show.

We also watched an episode of Nova about Peruvian child mummies, which pointoforigin might want to check out for research, if she hasn't already seen it. filomancer, the distinct scent of mummies was brought up a couple of times!

Today, if K. is not yet well enough to venture a few blocks to our favorite Malaysian place, we shall order in. I am determined to have peanut pancakes before I leave.