October 23rd, 2007


progress report

Just over 1000 words last night, on the final chapter. I couldn't seem to come up with a way to do it that was logical, so after referring again to my list of what needed to happen, I just started writing. It feels epilogue-ish to me; not sure if I like that, but at this point, it doesn't matter what I like. Once all the events are down, then I can play with them.

I'm still debating whether I need an additional chapter. All the chapters in this novel are pretty short, on average 3300 each, so I might have time. I won't decide until a draft of chapter 22 is done.

My deadline is the end of October, but really I want to be done on Sunday at the latest, since it will take time to print, and make sure all the pages are there, and box up, and courier. I don't want to be doing all those things at the last possible minute, I hate that kind of rushing. Plus, I need to pack for World Fantasy.

panic is bad.

My manuscript is running short of ideal wordcount by at least 10K, maybe 15K. That's because the line that bought my novel generally has books of a longer length than I intended when I wrote the outline. I know how I can make the story longer, and where, and what would happen in those scenes. I told my editor I'd do my best. But when? Even taking a day off work would likely only net me around 1500 words.

Of course, I will have (approximately) 3-6 weeks for revisions later on, but I'll be, well, doing revisions, so am not sure how much new writing I can add then.

Must not panic. Panic is bad. I am perfectly on schedule for writing a novel of 80K. 90-100K is the tricky part. If you're playing along at home, that about 50 pages I need to crank out. It's a good night if I write 4 pages. Michael's trick of changing fonts is fine if you're running over, but not so much when you're short.

War stories, anyone?