October 9th, 2007


progress report/the calculus of insanity

The post-cold congestion continues, and I'm still really tired from it, which isn't helped when I have to wake up and cough. Blech.

Worked on edits for chapter 12 last night; it needs several significant changes.

Am feeling anxious about the new chapters I'm not writing. Once those are done, I'm done. But I still think I need the edits first. Agh!

I want to send the manuscript in twenty-two days. Subtract three from that, for choir rehearsal. Subtract three more for CapClave (except now I think I'll take some pages with me). Subtract the last day, since I'll be printing and sending. That leaves fifteen days. Approximately one-third of chapter twenty remains, say a thousand words though it will likely be 4000 words long, plus the last two chapters of about 3000 words each, which is a total of 7000 words minimum, wihch means I could easily finish doing only 500 words a day. Except I have to do the edits first, and enter them into the computer. Say a day for the entering. Edits remaining for most of chapter twelve and for all of chapters thirteen through nineteen, which are in a rougher state than one through twelve. How long for that? Who knows?

My advice to the world? Avoid those types of calculations. They will make you crazy. Teh Craxy, even.

a question for writers

All of you who write--professionally or not--what are your goals for your writing?

I've managed some of my goals: 1) sell a story and 2) sell a novel. "Get better at writing" is of course always going to be a goal.

But at the moment I seem to be living in the short-term:

1) finish manuscript, send to editor.
2) make notes for novel #2.
3) prepare at least one more proposal for agent to send out.

Sometime next year, I need to make a website for the pseud, and possibly get her some business cards, while working on the second book.

But after that, what? Aside from "write more books." That's all I really want. To be able to keep writing novels, and have people buy them.