September 25th, 2007



Eve Silver, who wrote the modern Gothic romance I recently liked, has also written Driven, a book for the Shomi line, under the name Eve Kenin. From what I gather, Shomi is a newish Dorchester line meant to be speculative romance with an edge. I showed the book to three different people, and all they noted that the cover "looks like manga." At least, it's a comic-style cover. The story, to me, was a bit like a comic as well.

The spec-fic background was post-ecological disaster (or perhaps just global warming); it's set in the frozen north, in which giant trucks are the only things that can bring supplies to settlers. Other than the fact the trucks don't run on gasoline, and it's a snow desert, it's like Mad Max. There are even pirates/reavers! I couldn't buy the hero's weird background, though. It didn't make sense to me. And even though I loved that the author had thought of a really cool spec thing in the heroine's past as well, I wasn't sure it held up under close scrutiny, either. That's not anything new with most spec-romance, anyway, as nojojojo and I were discussing yesterday.

I liked that the two characters were both trying to unfreeze emotionally (get it? unfreeze?), and that it wasn't easy. At the same time, though it was a fun pageturner, I wasn't sucked in so deeply that I couldn't leave the world. It was just fun, and I'm not sure I'll ever reread it. I'd love to hear what others think.