September 19th, 2007


progress report

Last night's wordcount: a reluctant 225, because I was going the wrong direction and knew it. I tried a couple of different angles, then stopped. This morning, I realized it was the end of 18 that was the problem. Chapter 18 didn't come out like I planned, so of course I can't revert back to the plan for 19. I let 18 be less tense than in the outline, and I don't think that'll work. I have to go back and edit a little, just enough to set up 19 so I can go forward again.

Tonight is the first rehearsal of the year, so no writing, which is good because my backbrain can work a little. That's a problem with writing every night, for me; sometimes I need to figure things out in my head, not just on paper.

Brahms and Schütz tonight, yay!

titles and dates

I've heard back form the Spice editor, and tentatively, Ducal Service will come out in December, 2008. Except they'd like to change the title, which is fine with me. I usually just call it The Duchess and the Stableboy.

Perhaps it should be, The Duchess, the Stableboy, the Cross-Dressing Maid, the Eunuchs, and the Not-Quite-A-Pirate? [heh]