July 19th, 2007

WWI soldiers

Stevens, "In Battle"

In Battle

Death's nobility again
Beautified the simplest men.
Fallen Winkle felt the pride
Of Agamemnon
When he died.

What could London’s
Work and waste
Give him--
To that salty, sacrificial taste?

What could London's
Sorrow bring--
To that short, triumphant sting?

--Wallace Stevens


Recent Reads

Dead High Yearbook has wonderful design; it's a graphic horror anthology about the size and shape of a real high school yearbook, except everyone is dead. Inner pages have little blood smears at the corners. The stories are loosely tied together by "Zombie Boy" and "Zombie Girl" preparing the yearbook. All the stories had grossout moments. Some felt a bit preachy or were too short, but none were actively bad. It was nice to see a good number of non-white characters (Japanese, Latino, Black) though of course they came to horrible ends as well as the white characters. Everybody died. The end.

Hex Education by Emily Gould and Zareen Jaffery is, essentially, paranormal chicklit for teens. Sophie Stone is the daughter of a horror-movie director and his costumer/muse, and when the book opens, they've just moved from L.A. to her dad's hometown of Mythic, Massachusetts. Sophie isn't happy about this and snarks about it in first person. Her mysterious headaches break a window in their spooky new house. She makes friends with three girls whom she considers a "fashion oasis" and whom, coincidentally, also get magic powers! They're the new coven! Quel shoque! There is at least one surprising twist at the end. It's not bad, but it was pretty fluffy.