July 16th, 2007


In which I remain boring.

Second interview today, for job in which I have so far liked the people, but am worried about the salary.

Workshopped Saturday, in my case, not very effectively, but luckily others had better critiques. Then we swam, or rather bounced around in the pool, for a while, before going out for Indian food and a nice browse in a used bookstore (I got another WWI book).

Sunday, I helped a friend paint and got very dirty, then went home and showered and went with a different friend to see the Harry Potter movie. I'd already seen it with friend number one on Friday night. I liked the color palette, and the lack of ellipses and (mostly) all-caps, and the way the bloated book was distilled. Sure, stuff I liked got left out, but I think it was okay for the movie.

Can't really think of much except job search.

maybe there will be pudding

Have just extracted myself from being interviewed for two hours.

They had an itinerary.

Won't find out what the money's like until they make an offer, if they do make an offer.

Still waiting to hear if I got a second interview with the position I really want; probably won't hear until the end of this week at the earliest.

I am completely drained from explaining my current job, why I want to change, what I understand about the position I'm trying to get. I didn't ask huge numbers of questions; I need to absorb information and compost it before I can query.

I need to curl up with a book tonight.

it's romance rec time!

What's the best romance novel you've read lately? Bonus points for new/newish authors. Bonus points for reasons why you liked it.

To save time: I already have or soon will have the newest novels by Carla Kelly, Liz Carlyle, Suzanne Enoch, Lois Bujold, and Marjorie Liu.