July 12th, 2007

WWI soldiers

Sassoon, "The Investiture"

The Investiture

God with a Roll of Honour in His hand
Sits welcoming the heroes who have died,
While sorrowless angels ranked on either side
Stand easy in Elysium's meadow-land.
Then you come shyly through the garden gate,
Wearing a blood-soaked bandage on your head;
And God says something kind because you're dead,
And homesick, discontented with your fate.

If I were there we'd snowball Death with skulls;
Or ride away to hunt in Devil's Wood
With ghosts of puppies that we walked of old.
But you're alone; and solitude annuls
Our earthly jokes; and strangely wise and good
You roam forlorn along the streets of gold.

--Siegfried Sassoon
Croix de Guerre

interview the third

I went into the interview knowing they likely couldn't meet my salary requirements, and I was right. But I got practice talking, and I met people, and I made contacts. Also, I've now gotten three wearings out of this dress, and am likely to have more.

I think they invited me so they could ask me about quilts, which have a mention on my resume.

Checked online to see how my resumes were doing. Seven are listed as "under review," and I've interviewed with two of those departments already. So that's good. Nothing suitable posted today or yesterday for further applications.