June 15th, 2007


progress report

611 words last night, and figured out an approach chapter 13. It may not be the right approach, but it's an approach, and for this first draft, that's all that matters. Get it down, worry about it later.

The comments you all made on my last query helped a lot in getting me thinking about the problems I wanted to address, so thanks!

Sexton, "The Firebombers"

The Firebombers

We are America.
We are the coffin fillers.
We are the grocers of death.
We pack them in crates like cauliflowers.

The bomb opens like a shoebox.
And the child?
The child is certainly not yawning.
And the woman?
The woman is bathing her heart.
It has been torn out of her
and as a last act
she is rinsing it off in the river.
This is the death market.

where are your credentials?

--Anne Sexton
c. 1972