May 30th, 2007


de Noailles, "Our Dead"

Our Dead

Stars that behold our world upon its way,
Pure legions camped upon the plains of night,
Mute watchful hosts of heaven, what must you say
When men destroy each other in their might?

Upon their deadly race each runner starts,
Nor one but will his brothers all outrun!
Ah, see their blood jet upward to the sun
Like living fountains refluent on our hearts.

--O dead divinely for so great a faith,
Help us, whose agony is but begun,
For bitterly we yield you up to death,
We who had dreamed that life and love were one.

--Anna de Noailles, née de Brancovan
translation: Edith Wharton

progress report

Last night's wordcount: 1017, on chapter seven. Lots of setup and description. But still, words.

Have looked at two other books from the imprint to which this submission will be going. Looks like they have less sex and more plot than my outline. So, does this mean I need less sex? Or simply more plot? I do have plot.

WisCon 31 bookloot

Water Logic, Laurie Marks [eee!!!]
Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure, Dorothy Allison [part of my ongoing reading of the memoirs of women writers]
The Awful Rowing Toward God, Anne Sexton [didn't have this one]
The WisCon Chronicles, Volume 1, L. Timmel Duchamp, ed. [I love and collect books about the sf/f community]

Yes, that is all.

Shocking, isn't it?