May 29th, 2007


down and safe

Made it home right on time, and promptly went to sleep. Then slept the night through. Seem to be caught up now, if a bit groggy. Coffee and food will help.

Good news arrive this morning--"Poppet" is going to be reprinted next year in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica.

DR. WHO 3.08

Dr. Who 3.8, "Human Nature," is part one of a two-parter based on Paul Cornell's tie-in novel, also titled Human Nature. In case you were wondering.

The original novel, which I have, features the seventh Doctor and Benny, a companion who appears in the books (and has her own series of audio plays). The tv episode is so far following the plot of the novel reasonably closely, with changes to fit the different circumstances of a different Doctor and companion.

More importantly, I liked it a lot.

Thanks to ellen_fremedon, I got to see it at WisCon, in one of the side rooms at the Dr. Who/Torchwood party, a bunch of us huddled around her laptop, occasionally bouncing and grabbing each other. Fun!

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