May 28th, 2007


homeward bound

4:18 am. Or something like that. Went to bed around 1 am and got a couple hours sleep. Shuttle to airport departing soon, then bus to Milwaukee rather than my cancelled early flight, for which I hope my airline will Compensate me in some manner, because I feel entitled not to get up way before dawn has even thought about cracking if I paid them money not to have to. Am glad to be sharing the ride with veejane, though; it makes it all a million times more bearable.

There's a point of sleep deprivation where I actually feel sick and dizzy, which I have reached. At the same time, I had a great time at WisCon, and am very happy.

Oh! And I have seen part one of "Human Nature," this week's new Dr. Who episode. Mmmm. Crackilicious. Just enough different from the original tie-in novel.