May 21st, 2007


progress report

Friday night wordcount on Ducal Service draft, 729; most of that edits on the draft chapter four, because of some plot and motivation alterations. Saturday, total wordcount 1,661 on chapter six--this was in three sessions. Sunday, 133 in the early morning, and an outline of how chapter six should end, since my original outline of that chapter is extremely vague and pitiful.

I plan to take the outline and a notebook with me to WisCon, but doubt I will be writing much there, since the whole purpose of going is to talk to people I don't see otherwise. Still, there's all that airport time.

DR. WHO 3.07

Episode 3.07, "42."

I wasn't really grabbed by this episode until later on--the whole "we have to rush, rush, rush!" kept me from having time to be emotionally involved, I guess. There were guest characters, but we didn't get a lot of time for them, so I didn't care about them nearly as much as I could have. The computer guy was the only one who got a little development, and the captain, though I felt like she had less, as she had a definite role to play, and the role showed more than her personal attributes.

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