May 18th, 2007


progress report

First I couldn't get to sleep, then at 5:30 this morning I was awakened with a leg cramp and couldn't get back to sleep after that. So I am operating on way less than my normal amount of sleep. Attempting to operate.

Had dinner last night with a college friend who is working for a contract archaeology firm, and had a lovely time catching up; we've been trying for months to get together when she's in Philly, but her commute is awful and it's been hard to find a time good for both of us. I'm glad we finally managed it. She's acquired a miniature parrot since I last saw her! She didn't have him with her, of course. Afterwards, I ambled home along Walnut Street, culminating at the giant chain bookstore on Rittenhouse Square, where I looked for books in the line that requested my manuscript. No luck; not surprising, since they have few titles out. I did see a bunch from the parent imprint.

No actual writing last night. Instead, I made notes on the character who is essential to the book's ending, because the chapter I'm on needs to set that up. He now has several motivations, and much cooler setting, and even a hint of personality. I'm looking forward to sitting down with my laptop tonight and tomorrow.

I took a stretch of four vacation days from work in early June, which I plan to devote to writing as well, so it won't all be after-work-before-bed and weekends.