May 10th, 2007


a capella down

A good rehearsal last night, on the a capella pieces only. They seemed to go well; we worked on style, mostly, in the Higdon, and style in the Barbers as well as some pitch issues in "The Coolin." I've done "The Coolin" at least three times for various concerts, and am always frustrated by the way the pitch falls. It's a flat trap. The last run of it was fine, though...hope it stays that way for the concert.

Mayor, "Spring 1917"

Spring 1917

It is spring.
The buds break softly, silently.
This evening
The air is pink with the low sun,
And birds sing.

Do we believe
Men are now killing, dying--
This evening,
While the sky is pink with the low sun,
And birds sing?

So they go on killing, dying,
This evening,
And through summer, autumn, winter,
And through spring.

--Beatrice Mayor