May 7th, 2007


DR. WHO 3.06

"The Lazarus Experiment"

Mark Gatiss!

I really liked this episode, and all the character work with the Doctor, Martha, and her family.

Once again, Martha refuses to let the Doctor ignore her wishes. Go Martha!

Saw it last night, and enjoyed it all the way through; not much to say this morning, except I think I'll watch this one again.

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Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander: A Bisexual Regency Romance, Ann Herendeen.

The copy I have was published by AuthorHouse [self-pub], but the author's website notes, "Phyllida will be coming out as a Harper Paperback in summer 2008." I'm wondering if the Harper version will be edited down, as the original is quite a brick, and involves a number of standard plots [the Big Misunderstanding, the Virgin's Awakening/Man Gets a Clue, Spies for the French!, Woman Finds Her Backbone!, Adorable SubPlot Couples, SubPlot Villain Redeemed! (sort of)] that might be broken out into separate books. It's fun as a brick, though. All those plot standards had to be present in order to be subverted. Subversions happen with varying degrees of success.

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