April 11th, 2007


progress report

Writing scenes is definitely the right idea to really, really get started on this novel; but so is research. I'd forgotten that when I was stuck on the previous project, I would often return to my research materials, which inevitably struck off some new idea or connection. So now I'm reading one of the books I had piled up, and it's proved to be much more helpful than I'd imagined it would be, because it directly addresses some of the things I needed to know, in conjunction with its "real" topic. I've had whole new ideas for how my narrator got where she is, as opposed to the vague and unlikely idea of before. So now I can write scenes using those ideas.

My writing date with R. last Friday really helped. He reminded me that even if I didn't like what I'd written, it told me what wouldn't work.
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A tentative sale--"The Princess on the Rock" to Cross Dressing: Erotic Stories, pending the publisher's acceptance of the editor's manuscript. I won't find out for 2-3 months.

This one appeared online a while back, at the late lamented anaisdotmfk, and since that site's demise, was lingering in the place of lost stories. So I sent it out again, even though I thought the story might not be appropriate for the theme.

Once again, my favorite aphorism is proven: Don't make the editor's decision for her.