February 19th, 2007


back from Boskone

I'll get back to the "tale of an erotica writer" posts in the next day or so. I'm safely back from Boskone, which was fun. As usual, I saw many people and wish I'd had more time to talk to all of them.

I, umm, didn't go to any panels except the one I was on. I did go to most of Melinda Snodgrass' talk on screenwriting, not because I want to be a screenwriter [shudder] but because I like hearing about it, because Hollywood is an Alien World and I feel like an anthropologist when people talk about it. Generally, hearing about it also confirms my opinion that I never, ever want to be a screenwriter. This time was no exception. I enjoyed the talk, though.

songs of ambiguous sexuality

I'm collecting songs that are about ambiguous sexuality, gender-bending, etc. for a friend's mix cd. Suggestions?

This is what I have so far:

"Androgyny," Garbage
"Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)", Big and Rich
"Don't Stop Me Now," Queen
"Killer Queen," Queen
"Somebody Told Me," The Killers