February 13th, 2007

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The Tale of an Erotica Writer, Book One

How did a nice girl like me become an erotica writer?

trifles requested that I write up the notes I made for my presentation on last Friday night. I didn't end up using all of the notes, as the audience was more interested in asking questions and listening to a reading, but I'll write up the whole thing anyway.

For me, the whole thing started back in college, when a bunch of us wrote shared universe stories. When I was a senior, I introduced an original character, who had a romance. It barely approached smut, but was emotionally intense, and a friend told me she was absolutely riveted and it was the hottest thing she'd ever read, or something to that effect. I may be remembering her comments as more effusive than they actually were. Anyway, I wrote fanfiction as well during college and after, since I couldn't afford to buy zines, and eventually I decided to write some adult fanfiction. I did that for a while, trying out different methods and styles of writing erotica, and different ways of framing the stories. The last major story was written for a mailing list, in parts. The feedback was fast, and there was a lot of it, and I got a big rush out of the whole thing, knowing that people were breathless for the next part of the story.

There were three sex scenes in that story (it was pretty long) featuring the same two characters. The first scene garnered particularly impressive comments. I decided to try and shave off the serial numbers and make it into a "real" story and try to sell it.

[I was going to skip over how I did that, but I think I will record it here. Why not?]

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Next, I got serious.

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