January 17th, 2007


state of the me

State of the Me:

Still not writing anything. Missed a couple of January deadlines, am working on missing a few more. Working on a critique for a January 27 workshop, though.

Reading Rick Bowes' From the Files of the Time Rangers, which appears to be pieced together from a number of shorter pieces. So far, the mosaic nature of the story is apparent, but I'm still liking it. I'm getting definite echoes of Poul Anderson's time travel stories, and Andre Norton's Time Traders, and all of that ilk, while at the same time being aware that it's a book by a 21st century author.

Bought some new cds, among them the final Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer album, Seven is the Number. And I tidied up my cd collection by taking piles from various places and installing them in a rack. There are little clusters of organization by theme or composer here and there, but it would still be nice to have all of them in one place instead of scattered in small racks around the room. I discovered I have an awful lot of Sweet Honey in the Rock cds. Also Bach. Also Arvo Pärt.

Have finally purchased the [subbed] Revolutionary Girl Utena boxed set, as if I need anything else to watch. But it will be nice to see it in close sequence without interspersing month-long gaps. Also, it's been a while, so I've forgotten things.

Boskone next month, and I've been invited to talk at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society meeting, which should be fun.

Sassoon, "Golgotha"


Through darkness curves a spume of falling flares
That flood the field with shallow, blanching light.
The huddled sentry stares
On gloom at war with white,
And white receding slow, submerged in gloom.
Guns into mimic thunder burst and boom,
And mirthless laughter rakes the whistling night.
The sentry keeps his watch where no one stirs
But the brown rats, the nimble scavengers.

--Siegfried Sassoon