February 7th, 2006



I've read a number of Suzanne Enoch's historical romances and found most of them fun but not necessarily rereads, with the exception of England's Perfect Hero, which I like because I have a weakness for Napoleonic Wars PTSD.

Her new book, Flirting With Danger, is of a much higher quality. It's a contemporary suspense romance; from what I've read, her next book will feature the same hero and heroine.

Quickie summary: Samantha Jellicoe is a high-class professional burglar who was trained in thievery skills by her father from childhood, and Richard Addison is a British billionare who collects art and antiques. Sam is attempting to steal an item from his collection when she finds a booby trap, and saves Addison from being blown up. To clear herself of that crime, she uses her expertise to help Addison solve a series of mysteries.

Their physical attraction appears as soon as they have a good look at each other, and continues throughout, tempered by issues of trust. Sam doesn't immediately relax into being a billionare's girlfriend and give up thoughts for the future, and Addison isn't comfortable with her profession. Yet Enoch, thankfully, avoids the Big Misunderstanding plot. Her characters actually talk to each other, and resolve things that way, or at least try to resolve things. There is the fantasy element of having a gorgeous, fabulously rich boyfriend, but I won't hold that against the book!

I highly recommend it.