June 10th, 2005



I'm fidgety; the zero draft of my novel is moving too slowly for my liking, partly due to all my recent traveling, partly because there are many things I am still figuring out about the characters and what will happen to them. My progress is slow enough that the novel characters haven't completely taken me over yet, and I can consider new ones.

Maybe it's time to write a short story. sacchig asked me to submit to an anthology she's working on, and there are a couple of new erotica markets I'd like to try. And it's never too early to start for next year's round of "Best" anthologies.

I just want to accomplish something. Writing a novel is a series of tiny steps. This can drag you down. Every once in a while, I want to leap over a puddle in the expectation of money on the other side, a short-term reward to take some of the fatigue out of the long-term project.