April 11th, 2004


weekend update; Goodman, ALL I EVER NEEDED

Have now e-mailed off an electronic copy of "Lip Service" and a bio to the editor of BWE.

Bought the new Laura Kinsale (Shadowheart), though I don't plan to read it until my rewrite is done; also the new Susan Grant, another sf romance.

Recent wordcounts:

Friday 541.
Saturday 530 in the morning and 646 in the afternoon.
Sunday, 665 this morning.
12,551 to go, of my estimated wordcount needed to finish the novel-shaped object.

Am reading Jo Goodman's All I Ever Needed, another Regency historical. This one is part of a series about the "Compass Club," except the books are all supposed to be happening simultaneously. It's an interesting exercise to see how she does this; I have two more in the series of four waiting for me. The simultaneity might account for the first few pages, which felt like I'd been dropped into a play in progress. I caught on fairly quickly, but there wasn't much setup.

Goodman has an interesting style. I think she might rather be writing omniscient point of view; her third person is even shallower than mine, which is saying something. I'm not even halfway through the book and I already have noticed several times we seem to be looking at a pov character from across the room--it's word choice more than actual pov slippage that gives me this impression of distance.

I'm enjoying the fact that she has a villain with depth and true nastiness, abusive in a way that he totally justifies to himself and that the heroine fights in a reasoned if not entirely successful manner. She hasn't done anything foolish yet, which in a romance novel is a big accomplishment!